Lara Baldesarra

​Lara Baldesarra is known around the world for her unique and daring approach to television and journalism.  Lara has made headlines and drawn eyes and ears for her uncompromised opinions and intricate analysis of current events, people and places.  She remains steadfast in her dedication to identifying the truth while thoroughly examining and presenting all sides of a story.

As a broadcaster, Lara has been seen in 190 countries as an Anchor on CNN bringing diverse audiences to her daily programs.  Anchoring Early Start, News Center, and World Sport she’s been the trusted voice viewers turn to resulting in significant viewership growth.  Lara has covered major global events such as pandemics, international conflicts, plane crashes, American and European politics, and financial and economic news.  Her expertise and knowledge of various subject matter has also allowed her to step away from her anchoring roles and contribute to various network programs as a correspondent and analyst.

Lara’s breadth of knowledge has also led to her anchoring of various sports programs in America and internationally on CNN, Golf Channel, Fox Sports, and Setanta.  She has led on-location coverage of major sporting events such as World Cups, Super Bowls, The Masters, Olympics, and tennis and golf Majors.  Lara has been granted exclusive, one-on-one interviews with the biggest names in sport from Arnold Palmer to Floyd Mayweather.

Lara Baldesarra is acclaimed for her unique ability to connect with viewers, asking questions no one thinks to ask, and presenting stories in dynamic and distinctive ways.  It's Lara's voice that has led the discussion, challenged the status quo, and helped the truth to emerge.through fair and complete coverage.

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